The International Boogie Woogie Festival Holland 2004 was a great (and sold-out) succes. Below you will find information of this first edition of the festival...

Program 2004
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Program 2004:

· LITTLE WILLIE LITTLEFIELD (USA) – An exclusive and one time only performance at the first International Boogie Woogie Festival Holland!!!
· SILVAN ZINGG (Zwitserland)
· MARTIJN SCHOK (The Netherlands)


· MISTER ‘TAP-DANCE’ PHIL (Guadeloupe)
. JEROEN SWEERS (The Netherlands)
Tenorsaxophone: Rinus Groeneveld (The Netherlands)
Vocals: Greta Holtrop (The Netherlands)
Rhythm section: Thijs Verwer and Jan Flubacher (The Netherlands)
. Swingclub Boogie World Amsterdam

Times International Boogie Woogie Festival Holland May 1st 2004
. Welcome in Entrance Hall 19:00 PM (with live boogie woogie by Jeroen Sweers)
. Doors open music hall: 19:45 PM
. Start Festival: 20:00 PM
. End Festival: approx. 00:30 AM
. After Festival: Boogie jamsession by festival pianists in Tuinzaal ('Garden Hall')

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Little Willie Littlefield (USA)

Little Willie Littlefield began his career as a recording artist at the age of 16 for Eddie's Records in Houston. His first recording "Little Willie's Boogie" was a hit in Texas. In Houston Willie recorded 8 tracks for Eddie's Records and Freedom Records in 1948/1949.

While in Houston, word reached the Bihari brothers (owners of the Modern-label in Los Angeles) about a teenage wonderboy pianist who was currently breaking up at the Eldorado Ballroom. Before leaving Houston Jules Bihari had already inked a contract, recorded Littlefield's first side "It's Midnight" and arranged for Littlefield to come to the West Coast. When Littlefield arrived in L.A.later that month "It's Midnight" was a big hit (peaked at 3) in the chards nationwide and he was booked in L.A.'s Melody Club and in Johnny Otis' famous Barrelhouse in Watts. He was an overnight sensation.

"It's Midnight" not only established him in the Rhythm and Blues field, but also left an impression on other upcoming stars such as Fats Domino who developed his triplet piano style from the Littlefield recording.

Littlefield recorded about 30 tracks for Modern in 1949, 1950 and 1951 and scored some more hits such as "Farewell"and "I've been lost". He recorded with L.A.'s leading Rhythm and Blues session musicians including saxplayers Maxwell Davis and Buddy Floyd, guitarists Chuck Norris and Johnny Moore and drummers Al Wichard and Jessie Price.

In 1952 Littlefield switched to Federal Records where he cut many successful sides including the original version of "Kansas City" (original title was "K.C.Loving"). By 1957 he had moved to Northern California and recorded for Rhythm Records where he produced his hit "Ruby Ruby".

During the sixties he was content to play various clubs around the San Francisco area. In the seventies he was re-discovered and returned to the public stage with appearances at the first San Francisco Bluesfestival and the Sacramento Bluesfestival. In the mid-seventies he recorded several sides for Blues Connoisseur Records.

In 1978 he did his first, very successful, tour in Europe. Since 1980 Willie has been continually on the road in Europe, playing theatres, clubs and festivals.His first performance at the Montreux Jazzfestival was broadcasted on television by the BBC. He appeared at many radio- and televisionshows all over Europe. But Willie also continued his performances outside Europe. Willie toured in Canada and appeared at the Chicago Bluesfestival in 1988. He performed in the Australian film "Love in Limbo", presented at the Berlin filmfestival 1993.

During the period 1980-1997 he recorded 10 albums for several european recordcompanies. These albums were spoken in much appreciation by the music crititcs.

Being on the road for more than 50 years, Willie stopped touring in 2000. This, however, does not mean that he leads an idle life; on the contrary, he still practices his music with a never ending energy and his technique is superb as ever. The only restriction is that he now only accepts concerts which accords with his interest and are not to far away from his home town.

We are proud to be able to present to you at our International Boogie Woogie Festival Holland: the one and only… Little Willie Littlefield!!!

Born in Hamburg, in 1955, Axel Zwingenberger enjoyed eleven years of conventional piano training. In 1973 he listened to authentic boogie woogie piano for the first time engraved on vintage shellacs by Albert Ammons, Meade Lux Lewis and Pete Johnson respectively. "I didn´t kow you could play the piano like t h i s ", Axel explains today, "and from that very hour I didn´t want anything else but learning to do so". Soon he met piano playing partners like Hans-Georg Möller, Vince Weber and Martin Pyrker, and word about the abilities of the four friends began to spread. The 1974 "First International Blues- and Boogie Woogie Festival" of the West German Radio Station in Cologne turned out to be their first presentation to a greater audience, soon to be followed by more, such as Hans Maitner´s annual festival "Stars of Boogie Woogie" in Vienna.

In 1975, Axel got his recording contract with Frank Dostal and their co-operation continues successfully today. Solo albums like "Boogie Woogie Breakdown", "Power House Boogie" or "Boogie Woogie-live" (the latter also available as sheet music) had a considerable impact on the junior set of boogie pianists. Axel recorded with American music stars like Big Joe Turner, Lionel Hampton, Mama Yancey, Sippie Wallace, Champion Jack Dupree, Jay McShann and many others. These recordings were essential in shaping his personal style and helpful in building his International reputation. They also testified the encounter of black and white, young and old, experence and enthusiasm and are part of the history of boogie woogie.

When Axel Zwingenberger hits the stage today, he scoops from skills gained in thousands of performances all over the world, from Hamburg to New York, from Vienna to Ouagadougou. When his most recent compositions such as "Thundertrain", "Steel Dragon" or "Snow Flake Dance" start to sound you can notice the same fire in his playing as twenty years ago when he first started out.

Jean-Paul Amouroux (France)

Jean-Paul AMOUROUX, born in Aurillac (France) has been playing the piano professionally since 1973 after an earlier career in advertising. He possesses a sound musical background having won first prize in a major national piano competition at the age of ten. He is both an original performer of boogie woogie as well as being a serious student of its styles and history. He has a large record collection and his opinions on the genre have been sought on television, radio and in print. Inevitably this deep interest is reflected in the approach to his own playing which draws inspiration from the greatest black practitioners without forsaking individuality for eclecticism.

Jean-Paul's piano style is immediately recognizable: short, punchy treble statements interspersed with brooding choruses and a cascading melange of brightly toned chords, trills and runs; all underpinned by an uncompromising rock steady bass. On occasions his walking bass gives way to deep tenths as if to give the listener time to draw breath before the next improvisation. It is not always easy for lesser pianists to sustain the listener's interest in a complete record given over to boogie but Jean-Paul's variations, keyboard technique and honesty of purpose ensure that interest does not waver.

In addition to residencies at clubs and concert appearances J-P Amouroux has appeared on many records, often in the company of illustrious piano players. Amongst those he has teamed with Memphis Slim, Sammy Price, Jay McShann, Willie Mabon and Milt Buckner.


Ricky Nye (USA)

RICKY NYE (Rick Neiheisel) was born in Cincinnati in 1956, and was bitten by the music bug at the age of five. Upon his return to the area in 1979, his musical journeys on piano, organ & accordion have taken him through jazz, funk, rock & roll (years 1979-1985 with legendary cult faves The Raisins), country, zydeco, New Orleans styles, boogie woogie & blues (three years with the late Big Ed Thompson)- knowledge which has landed him on countless recording sessions and recently as accompaniest to blues artists such as Francine Reed and Darrell Nulisch.

Ricky now leads his two groups, RICKY NYE & THE RED HOTS (winners of BEST BLUES BAND in the Cincinnati Enquirer's 2001 CAMMY awards) and his trio THE SWINGIN' MUDBUGS (the band behind Ricky's 1998 release "Piano Is Fun!"), and plays in solo settings (winning BEST SOLO ACT in the 2001 & 2002 CAMMY Awards, along with BEST BLUES/R&B INSTRUMENTALIST in 2002 CAMMYS and BEST BLUES/R&B ARTIST in the 2000 &2001 CEA Awards held by CityBeat Magazine).

Ricky can be heard in duet settings with upright bassist Nick Lloyd and with vocalist extrordinaire Bekah Williams. Since 1996, Ricky has been a regular performer on the Arches Boogie Stage at the Queen City Blues Fest, which put him in association and friendships with some of the finest blues and boogie woogie pianists from around the world.

MARTIJN SCHOK (Netherlands)
Martijn Schok (Netherlands)  

For years the name Martijn Schok has been synonymous with boogie woogie. Martijn has played virtually all the great Dutch jazz and blues festivals both solo and with his trio and released eight successful boogie woogie CDs. Outside the Netherlands, too, Martijn is a respected interpreter of the boogie woogie style and has appeared many times at international festivals, such as the festival in New Orleans (Louisiana, USA), the Queen City Blues Festival in Cincinnati (Ohio, USA) and the international boogie woogie festivals in Switzerland, Belgium and France.

Martijn's piano style is characterized by a large dose of swing, a steady groove and a high degree of virtuosity. It is clear he has a great deal of respect and admiration for the music of the early American boogie woogie originators. Martijn is also seen as one of the best interpreters of the authentic style. In addition to existing boogie woogie and blues standards, Martijn has also built up an extensive repertoire of his own compositions, with plenty of swing, flair and groove.

Next to his solo performances and performances with his trio, Martijn founded the Martijn Schok Boogie & Blues Band in 2003. With his own rhythm section, Thijs Verwer on drums and Jan Flubacher playing the upright bass, his singer Greta and Dutch top tenor saxophone player Rinus Groeneveld.

Martijn Schok (born in 1974 in Arnhem) was first introduced to boogie woogie at the age of fifteen and was immediately grabbed by the unmistakable sound and swing of this piano style. Boogie woogie is lively dance music with a swing and a high degree of improvisation. These were the main reasons for Martijn to stop his classical piano studies, which he had been following for eight years, and focus entirely on boogie woogie. Rather than taking lessons, he decided to teach himself this individual style of jazz piano.

Martijn has played with many other international boogie woogie pianists, including Big Joe Duskin (USA), Bob Seeley (USA), Axel Zwingenberger (D), Mark Braun (USA), Ann Rabson (USA), Caroline Dahl (USA), Carl Sonny Leyland (USA), Charlie Booty (USA), Liz Pennock & Dr. Blues (USA), Kenny Wayne (USA), Stefano Franco (It), Al Copley (USA), Chrisoph Rois (At), Michael Pewny (A), Errol Dixon (JAM), Christian Rannenberg (D), Jörg Hegeman (D), Christian Bleiming (D) en Michael Kaeshammer (CAN). He has also performed with the Dutch boogie woogie pioneers Jaap Dekker, Hein van der Gaag, Rob Hoeke and Rob Agerbeek.

To quote Martijn: 'I consider it a great privilege to be able to share my favorite music with my audience. It does me good to see that, more than a hundred years after its birth, boogie woogie still appeals to people and that a widening public is coming to appreciate this fantastic style of music'.

SILVAN ZINGG (Switzerland)
Silvan Zingg (Switzerland)  

During his schooltime, influenced by records of the three Boogie Woogie masters Pete Johnson, Albert Ammons and Meade Lux Lewis, the young pianist from Ticino Switzerland began to play by himself on the 88 keys at the age of six. When Silvan Zingg was seventeen he was already in the official programm from the Blues Festival in Lugano as the youngest musician to have ever performed at this event. Entertaining the enthusiastic public, he seemed to be able to easely convince his listeners about his feeling for this music and about his sensational interpretation of the Blues. Similary, he showed his ability to play Boogie Woogie and his personal touch with the piano. His favourite styles are mostly classic Boogie Woogie, Blues and Jazz with variations from all kind of different musical waves.

Silvan Zingg and organiser of this Festival Martijn Schok recorded two CDs together: the first "Double Up Boogie" is released in 1999, recorded in the Netherlands for Oldie Blues (Martin van Olderen's Record Label). The second "Boogie-Woogie Live In Concert" recorded in 2000.It's Silvan's first live CD again in duet with Martijn Schok. Most recent records of Silvan Zingg are a DVD, Boogie Woogie Xmas and Boogie Woogie Triology with his Trio (release January 2004).

The live performances of Silvan Zingg are full of energy and lots of fun…!!! Don't miss it!!!

Met medewerking van:

Philou (Guadeloupe)
One of the best tapdancers in the world...!

Greta Holtrop (Nederland)
Greta maakte als zangeres in korte tijd flinke naam in het internationale Boogie Woogie en Pianoblues circuit. Met pianist Martijn Schok zong zij op diverse grote festivals over de gehele wereld waaronder de Boogie Woogie en Pianoblues festivals in Cincinnati (Ohio, USA), Detroit (Michigan, USA), Lugano (Zwitserland) en Laroquebrou (Frankrijk). In 2003 trad Greta met Martijn op tijdens de populaire ochtendnieuwshow op de Amerikaanse televisiezender FOX2. Op al deze podia en nog vele andere veroverde zij met haar mooie bluesy stemgeluid en stijlvolle podiumverschijning de harten van vele boogie woogie en blues liefhebbers. Samen met Martijn Schok nam zij recent haar debuut CD op met de veelzeggende titel "Let's Do the Boogie Woogie!". Tevens is Greta zangeres en presentatrice van de succesvolle Nederlandse theatershow The Grand Piano Boogie Train.

Rinus Groeneveld (Nederland)
De uit Amsterdam afkomstige Rinus Groeneveld is al jaren een van Nederlands meest vooraanstaande tenorsaxofonisten. Met zijn herkenbare speelstijl zorgt Rinus voor een unieke mix tussen jazz, blues, boogie woogie en rhythm and blues. Rinus heeft opgetreden met vrijwel alle Nederlandse Boogie Woogie pianisten alsmede vele jazz- en bluesmusici in binnen en buitenland waaronder Mose Allison, Big Jay McNeeley, Rosa King en Hans Dulfer. Rinus maakt tevens deel uit van de Martijn Schok Boogie & Blues Band, en verzorgde zelf de CD opnamen van deze band in zijn eigen opnamestudio Studio Greenfields Forever te Amsterdam.

Jeroen Sweers (Nederland)
Jeroen Sweers was born (1-4-78) in Deventer in the Netherlands. Allready at a young age he discovered the piano. Very soon he took his first lessons and he began to study all sorts of musicstyles. Jazz, blues and above all Boogie-woogie took his close attention. After he got his high-schooldiploma in 1997, he decided to go to the Constantyn Huygens conservatorium in Zwolle to study jazzmusic. Last year he graduated cum laude for the first phase. At this moment he is doing the second phase. This phase contains a lot of different musicstyles, for instance: fusion, blues, jazz, latin and Boogie-woogie. Jeroen plays in many bands and that gives him the opportunity to play all these different styles. But Boogie-woogie remains his first and biggest love.

Not only at the conservatorium, but also outside his study it’s an interesting period for Jeroen. Not long ago he made his debut in theatreshow The Grand Piano Boogie Train. In this show he is playing the grandpiano with two other pianists, Jaap Dekker and Martijn Schok, two ‘top of the bill’ boogie-woogie players. Other pianists who played in this show are Rob Agerbeek and Rob Hoeke. Jeroen toured for three months with this show and made the cd ‘Groovin’the boogie. A highlight of this tour was a live performance on television for over two million viewers. This year he also started his own Boogie-woogie band. Here he plays and sings the Boogie and Blues, like his life is depending on it.

Thijs Verwer en Jan Flubacher (Nederland)
De Arnhemmers Thijs Verwer (drums) en Jan Flubacher (contrabas) zijn beiden zeer veelzijdige muzikanten. Zij maken deel uit van het instrumentale Martijn Schok Boogie Woogie Trio alsmede de medio 2003 opgerichte Boogie & Blues Band. Thijs en Jan weten daarom als geen ander hoe zij de boogies van de pianisten kunnen voorzien van een flinke dosis extra swing. Beiden met conservatoriumopleiding en volledig op elkaar ingespeeld vormen Thijs en Jan de strakke ritmesectie voor dit swingende Internationale Boogie Woogie Festival Holland.

Swingclub Boogie World Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Boogie Woogie is besides a musical art, also a swinging dancing style. Swing Club Boogie World in Amsterdam is one of the worlds best dancing schools specialized in Boogie Woogie. The International Boogie Woogie Festival Holland is proud to have a cooperation with Boogie World. You will be able to see in action the dancers of Boogie World's fantastic Show team during the festival on Saturday May 1st 2004 and also during the sponsor/contributor evening at Friday April 30th. The high level of the dancers of Boogie World show from the fact that they have won the Dutch Championships a lot of times over the last years. For instance, Dave Nieuwenburg (dance school teacher) became National Champion seven times and made it to the 3rd place at the World Championship of Boogie Woogie Dance in France. For further information you can visit the website of Boogie World at: http://welcome.to/boogieworld.