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The Heineken International Boogie & Blues Festival Holland 2014 will take place Saturday March 29th 2014 (20:00 PM).

Tickets and hotel arrangements can be booked via telephone: +31 (0)341-568585 or e-mail.

Kindest regards,
Stichting Boogie Promotions Holland


International Heineken Boogie & Blues
Festival Holland 2013 (Andrew Elias)

Special offer...!

Win 2 VIP tickets (worth in total € 500) for the Heineken International Boogie & Blues Festival, March 29th 2014.

Win 2 VIP tickets
on the VIP balcony, including a welcome drink and separate VIP entrance. You have a very good view on the stage and on the large video screen above the stage, with close ups. On the VIP balcony, catering staff will be available all evening. From the artists’ balcony, the artists can access the VIP balcony. Or you can choose to receive two VIP seats on the 1st rows.

How to win 2 VIP tickets?
* Book and pay 2 entrance tickets for the festival before January 31st, 2014;

* Applies to all tickets (regular € 39.50/€ 49.50 and first row € 59.50) and for contributor tickets (a contributorship costs € 123 Euros per person including VIP seat on the first rows. A contributorship for 2 people including 2 seats on the first rows costs € 243).

* The winner will receive the 2 VIP tickets (worth in total € 500) instead of the 2 tickets he/she bought;

The winner will be announced on Saturday, February 1, 2014. The winners will be personally notified and the name of the winner will be announced on www.boogiefestival.nl.

Entrance tickets can be ordered by telephone or by e-mail at Golden Tulip Hotel Heerlickheijd van Ermelo, Reservations Department. The seats are numbered.

Golden Tulip Hotel Heerlickheijd van Ermelo
Tel: 0031 341-56 85 85
Fax: 0031 341-56 85 00
E-mail: info@goldentulipheerlickheijdvanermelo.nl
Website: www.goldentulipheerlickheijdvanermelo.nl

To become a Contributor of the Festival, please visit www.boogiefestival.nl or send us an email: info@boogiefestival.nl.

Enjoy the festival from the VIP balcony

The festival will be a tribute to the blues and
boogie woogie legend Little Willie Littlefield
(1950's publicity photo issued by Ben Waller's Enterprises)