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The International Boogie Woogie Festival Holland 2011 takes place on Saturday March 12th 2011 in Regardz Hotel Heerlickheijd van Ermelo.

The show starts at 20:00 PM and ends at 0:30 AM.

Master of Ceremonies is Ronald Wüstenberg.

Grande Finale 2010 (foto: Robert Joore) Click for enlargement


The festival offers a varied program with some of the world's very best artists in the Boogie Woogie genre.

The musical styles range from authentic Boogie Woogie to early Barrelhouse and Blues Piano and from Rhythm 'n Blues and Jazz to Rock 'n Roll.

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Ernest Lane (piano/vocals, USA)

We're honored to be able to announce the legendary Ernest Lane.

Growing up in Clarksdale Lane had the right background for a bluesman; his father was a barrelhouse pianist, his boyhood friend was Ike Turner and Pinetop Perkins was a friend of the family who showed the youngster a thing or two. Ike fell in love with the piano when he peered in at The King Biscuit Boys, featuring boogie pianist Joe Willie “Pinetop” Perkins, rehearsing in the basement of his buddy Ernest Lane’s house. As he recalled: “Man, I never seen nobody’s fingers move that fast on a piano,” he said. “I didn’t even know what a piano was then, and I saw that dude, man. He was playing piano, and they was rehearsin’ at John Lane’s house. Ernest Lane and I was the same age, and we was comin’ home from school and we heard this noise. And we went over there, and boy, these guys-this guy was playing piano so fast, man, I couldn’t hardly see his fingers! And I said, ‘Damn, man! I wanna do that!’ Lane said, ‘Me too!’ Anyway, we started talkin’ to Pinetop, and he started teaching us different little boogie-woogie things.”

When he was just a teenager Lane hooked up with legendary slide guitarist Robert Nighthawk. Nighthawk eventually took him to Chicago where his solid piano work graced a number of sides cut for the Chess label in 1948-49 including the blues classic “Sweet Black Angel.”

After Nighthawk he played with Earl Hooker, Houston Stackhouse and others before heading to the California in 1956. There he worked with Jimmy Nolen, George “Harmonica” Smith and was recruited by old buddy Ike Turner to be a member of the Ike & Tina Turner Revue. After leaving Ike he joined a group called the Goodtimers who eventually wound up backing the Monkees for about a year on tour. Through the late 60's/early 70's he played and recorded for Canned Heat before giving up music altogether.

Recently Lane has been featured on a 2000 release by Eddie C. Campbell, played on Ike Turner’s comeback record "Risin' With The Blues" and toured the US and Europe with Ike’s band. This CD received the Grammy Award 2007 for Best Traditional Blues Album.

For Ernest Lane's new website, visit:

Bill Ray (USA), drummer of The Rhythm Kings will accompany Ernest Lane

Mike Sanchez (piano/zang, UK)

British singer, pianist and guitarist Mike Sanchez is one of the most exciting and charismatic performers of Rhythm & Blues and Rock 'n' Roll in the world today. His indelible image as a frenetic front man, pumping powerful boogie-woogie from the piano in a soaking suit, has won him fans from all over the world and attracted a following from many famous rock and blues legends who have lined up to work with him.

Mike spent four years as a full-time member of Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings, fronting the band alongside Georgie Fame, Beverly Skeete, Albert Lee, Andy Fairweather-Low and Eddie Floyd on their annual world tours. The Rhythm Kings released their album ‘Just for a Thrill’ and a fabulous DVD entitled ‘Let The Good Times Roll’, both featuring Mike’s extensive role as a member of the ex-Rolling Stones bassist’s touring band

In December 07 Mike was invited to appear as a guest vocalist with Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings at one of the most publicised musical events of the year - the final Led Zeppelin reunion at London's O2 Arena, a tribute to the memory of the late Ahmet Ertegun, founder of Atlantic Records. Mike performed alongside such soul legends as Ben E King, Percy Sledge and Sam Moore.

The well-established magazine Blues in Britain voted Mike 'UK Keyboard Player of the Year' for four consecutive years (2000-2004).
Mike's main aim has always been to make every live show his best yet as he continuously enjoys growing acclaim and admiration for his electrifying stage performances from new and old fans of all age groups across the world.

James Thompson (saxofoon/zang, USA)

My name is James Thompson. I love music; I think everybody loves music and I would like to share with you some of my thoughts.
I was born in Cleveland (Ohio), but at the age of two my family moved to Los Angeles.

I grew up in some interesting times; being a teenager in the 1960’s in California. I was listening to everything and anything; soul, R & B, rock, jazz, pop and blues. Back then they were playing all the music on AM radio. All styles, genres and artists were played on one station

I was profoundly influenced by this music, and also the turbulent times in the USA of the 60’s. And the times were changing fast. I started playing the alto sax in the school band in 1966 at the age of 15, after 3 years of playing the clarinet. As for singing, I started “singing” when I was 2 years old. Professionally, I became a lead singer around 1984. Before that time I was mainly a background vocalist.

In 1973, I left the university and went on the road; with a group of musicians that were school buddies.
We were young and crazy, and we traveled a lot; mainly playing the west coast and Canada, but also in Japan, where I played with the Platters, the Olympics (another 50’s group) and Edwin Starr “War, what is it good for?”.
In 1978 me and a friend named Dave Smith formed the fusion group “Squash”. We played jazz and underground venues in southern and central California.
In 1980 and 1981 I recorded 2 records with Andy J. Forest, a longtime friend. I would eventually come to Italy in 1983, on tour with Andy’s band. Four years would pass before I would return to the States.

In the years I have lived in Italy, I’ve had the opportunity to play and record with some great artists and musicians, Zucchero, Paolo Conte, Stadio, Spagna, Jestofunk, Mingardi, Timoria and Tommy Vee, to name a few.

I’ve also participated in some great music Festivals and venues like Montreaux Jazz Festival, Rock am Ring in Germany, The House of Blues in L.A., The Beacon Theater in New York City, The Kremlin, Royal Albert Hall, Pavarotti and Friends, and many others.


Stefano Franco (piano, zang, I)

During the festival in 2009 he already played an impressive set of swinging boogie and blues songs. On many requests of festival visitors he will be back at the festival in 2011, from Italy:... mr. Stefano Franco!

This time not alone... but with the great duo with singer and saxophone player James Thompson. Their musical styles fit perfectly together and they played many jazz and blues festivals and will surprise you with a swinging show.

Stefano Franco from Italy plays impressively fast, with a great swing and a good sense of humor. He sings in English and Italian.

It is great to see him accompanying himself with his right foot. 'My right foot is my drummer', he says. In Italy he is know as 'the pianist with his hi-hat'...

A very energetic and expressive piano player that will perform a swinging show of boogie, blues and rhythm 'n blues with great fun and passion.

Enjoy Stefano Franco!


Hannes Otahal (piano, Austria)

Hannes Otahal was born on August 18, 1960 in Klosterneuburg, Lower Austria where he currently lives. He became interested in boogie-woogie in 1975 after hearing Vince Weber's first record and started teaching himself to play the piano in the same year. His attempts to play Vince Weber tunes by ear with absolutely no knowledge of technique surprised everybody. Just two years later, at age 17, he gave his first performance in Vienna's Jazzland, together with Martin Pyrker and Joachim Palden, amazing his audience by playing the classic pieces of Albert Ammons, Pete Johnson, and Meade Lux Lewis with complete ease.

Although he has undoubtedly been one of the world's top boogie-woogie piano players for over two decades, he never limited himself to just one particular style. Having finished school, he studied classical piano and graduated in 1987 as a fully qualified concert pianist. For his classical performances he preferred the works of Beethoven, Chopin and Liszt. On the side he developed a solid feel for jazz piano, as well as gospel, blues, Ragtime and stride. In 1986 Carl Kaye, who recruited him for his newly founded western swing band "Route 66", introduced him to the country music scene. Since then Hannes Otahal has become the most sought after country pianist in Austria.

In 1996 he joined the "Mojo Blues Band" and toured Europe with them for one and a half years. During this period he also appeared as one of the "Stars of Boogie-Woogie" in Vienna's "Konzerthaus", played solo concerts in Vienna's "Bösendorfer-Saal", appeared with Vince Weber at the Jazz-Festival in Sargans (Switzerland), and jammed night after night with Axel Zwingenberger and the great jazz pianist Ray Bryant during a tour that took them across Europe for several weeks.

Although you won't hear him play boogie-woogie that often in public any more, he is still a "key player" who has been working quite successfully in the background. His transcriptions are almost legendary. If you're looking for absolutely authentic sheet music for the works of the classic boogie pianists this is the place to find them. Hannes is also largely responsible for the high standards in the Austrian boogie-woogie scene today, because almost all of the younger generation of boogie-woogie pianists in this country are, or were, his students.

As he withdrew from the soloist scene, the numerous well known bands he was appearing with were given more and more priority. The first to mention is the "Mojo Blues Band". He can be heard on their CD "20 Years In The Blues Jungle", as well as on the first 3 CDs of "Girly And The Blue Caps", one of the best 50s formations in Austria, or on all 9 CDs of the well known Country Band "Route 66" to name just a few. He currently appears with "New West", a 3-time winner of Austria's "County Band Of The Year" award and he can be heard on their first CD "Simply The West" which was voted CD of the Year 2005 by the Austrian Country Music Federation. He accompanies American guest stars as a member of the "Phantoms Of The Opry", which produces live CDs year after year and held the title of "County Band Of The Year" in 2000.

In addition to his regular Bands, he sat in with the "Legendary Daltons", Manfried Chromy's "Texas Schrammeln" and the "Arizona Eagles" in 2004.

Blues, Country, Western-Swing, Jazz, Gospel, Stride, and Salsa... All played with complete authenticity! Still, the roots of this multitalented pianist lie unmistakably in classic boogie-woogie. It's the music he taught himself to play long before he began his education as a classical pianist. That explains the ease with which he interprets a musical style that is usually only authentically reproduced by absolute specialists.

Today his playing is not only expressive and creative, but also enhanced with just the right amount of humor. Not only that, he plays the most difficult works of classic Boogie pianists with a stylistic authenticity and the virtuosity he acquired through his study of classical piano literature.

Barrelhouse Bailey (piano, Holland) -English text published soon-

Als blues- en boogie woogie pianist begonnen (o.a. bij Oscar Benton) is Han van Dam, vermoedelijk gedwongen door het gitaar- en drumgeweld van zijn band Barrelhouse, een echte bandpianist geworden. Zeker in de beginjaren toen Han nog op akoestische piano's speelde lukte het niet altijd om boven de rest uit te komen, het was vaak een worstelpartij.

Maar nu: Han speelt veelzijdig, stuwend, opzwepend, gevoelig en rauw. Han is naast de ultieme bandpianist tevens een zeer vooraanstaand solo boogie woogie en blues pianist. Han is een vooraanstaand specialist op het gebied van vroege piano blues en barrelhouse in de stijl van Leroy Carr, Montana Taylor en 'Cripple' Clarence Lofton.

Tijdens het Internationale Boogie Woogie Festival Holland 2011 treedt Han op met speciale gast Tineke Schoemaker, tevens deel uitmakend van de band Barrelhouse.

Veel plezier bij het optreden van... Barrelhouse Bailey...!

Tineke Schoemaker (vocals, Holland) -English text published soon-


Jelly Germain & Friends (dance, Paris, France)

Jelly Germain is a specialist in traditional authentic American tap and jazz dance styles.

Jelly started his career in France at the National Conservatory of Arts and Mime Followed by studying at the school of Cirque Carre Slivia Montfort. He performed initially at the Trois Maillets Cabaret and at the Nouvelle Eve and by 1991 developed his great choreographic skills with the Holland Show ballet for the first Dutch T.V Channel “veronica”.
By 1993 he was working on projects in advertising videos, such as Coca Cola with the band Pandoras, and developing his directing skills through the Dutch dance company Rhythm Ace. He also began his teaching career with the Dance Academy of Amsterdam and by 1994 was appointed as choreographer of the Lido in Amsterdam. He worked successfully with Bruno Barry (Choreographer for the Netherlands National Ballet) and also produced the musical Mr. Bojangles of Harlem.
His solo career moved forward dramatically with starring roles in such shows as the international tour of “Riverdance”, “Black and Blue” in Broadway 1996 and variety shows back in Europe at the Sporting Club de Monaco and the Casino Rhul in Nice. Such shows gained Jelly his international reputation for solo performance, directing and choreographing great innovations for the dance world.
Not only has he developed his performance techniques, he has shown imaginative skill in leading the Spanish “Show Time” company of performers who are great exponents of a wide range of dance styles. He devised the musical “Harlem Swing” to showcase the young talents of the future and Jelly is the choreographer and leader of this dance troupe. He uses an exciting mix of styles – versatile and complex, challenging and exciting for performers and audience alike – great creativity rooted within the Boogie Woogie dance traditions.


Martijn Schok (piano, Holland)

Martijn's piano style is characterized by a large dose of swing, a steady groove and a high degree of virtuosity. It is clear he has a great deal of respect and admiration for the music of the early American boogie woogie originators.

Martijn is a respected interpreter of the boogie woogie style and appears at famous international festivals, such as the festival in New Orleans (Louisiana, USA), the Queen City Blues Festival in Cincinnati (Ohio, USA), the Motor City Boogie & Blues Festival in Detroit (Michigan, USA), and the international boogie woogie festivals in Switzerland, Belgium, France, England, Spain and the USA.

Martijn is founder and Chairman of the Stichting Boogie Promotions Holland, dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Boogie Woogie and Piano Blues in Holland. He is organizer of the annual International Boogie Woogie Festival Holland, together with vocalist Greta Holtrop and Dick and Diana Doorn.


Chris Davidson (Tea Chest Bass, UK)

Chris Davidson plays his unusual 'Boogie Box' bass, a one string instrument
that is also known as a 'Tea Chest Bass', Chris is often found playing next to UK's Boogie Woogie and Blues Pianist Julian Phillips and with The Stuff boogie woogie band.

The box has had many names like, skiffle bass, box bass, tea chest bass, and you may know a few more names, mine is called “The Boogie Box” made and played by me. I first played a box back in the 1950/60,s then the style of music was Skiffle, singing and playing the harmonica, washboard and the box. So I sang and played all types of music, made and played a few different kinds of Boxes until the late 1970’s. I then went into a new area of music for me, English Folk, playing various instruments and singing as a duet and sometimes as a trio with both serious folk and some comedy. Good times were had by all. Better times where ahead. In the early 90,s I met up with “Juliann Phillips, Boogie Piano Player Extraordinaire” and was asked to in-fill with him and boogie woogie and blues band ' The Stuff' and I have been with them ever since. I also get around a fair bit with Julian Phillips as a duo. So, the“Boogie Box Player” was re-born, and this is me.


Martijn Schok Boogie & Blues Band

The band mambers of the Martijn Schok Boogie & Blues Band will accompany the artists during the fesgival evening.

Martijn Schok (piano)
Rinus Groeneveld (tenor saxophone)
Greta Holtrop (vocals)
Maarten Kruijswijk (drums)
Hans Ruigrok (bass)

Met special guest: Stephan Jankowski (guitar)


Martijn Schok Boogie & Blues Band

Greta Holtrop (vocals, NL)

With her versatile vocal talent and charismatic stage presence, the Dutch singer Greta Holtrop forms the perfect partner for Martijn Schoks swinging piano style. Her expressive voice, full of sincerity and emotion, seduces the ear with sultry interpretations of sensitive blues songs, turning just as easily to lively, swinging boogies. Boogie woogie great, Big Joe Duskin, has described her vocal tone as somewhere between Billie Holiday and Dina Washington.

Together with Martijn Schok, Greta performed during Boogie Woogie and Blues Festivals in the USA, Switzerland, France, Belgium and England.

Greta is vocalist and presenter of the successful theatre show, The Grand Piano Boogie Train with pianists Martijn Schok, Jaap Dekker and Jeroen Sweers.

Greta performed many times for national television in Holland as well as regional TV stations in the USA. For the year 2010, performances are scheduled during the Jazzfestival in Denmark.


Rinus Groeneveld (tenorsaxofophone, Holland)

The Amsterdam based Rinus Groeneveld is one of Hollands best tenor saxophone players. With his recognizable sound he blows a unique mix of jazz, blues, boogie woogie and rhythm and blues.

Rinus played all over the world with many jazz and blues musicians, such as Mose Allison, Big Jay McNeeley, Rosa King and Hans Dulfer. Rinus has been part of the Martijn Schok Boogie & Blues Band since 1994 and was the recording engineer of the bands latest CD "Let The Four Winds Blow ", in his own recording studios in Amsterdam.


Maarten Kruijswijk (drums, Holland)

In the life of the Amsterdam based drummer Maarten Kruijswijk (1964) the groove is the central thing. After completing his education at the Dutch Conservatory in 1989, he peformed for three years in the salsa band Fruta Bomba. After that he played, and still does, with tenorsaxophone player Rinus Groeneveld and played with Big Jay McNeely.

Maarten's jazz preference is Swing & Boogie. Combining these very swinging styles with his experience with Latin rhythms results in a natural basis for playing groovy New Orleans beats.

Because of his work as a drummer at the Dutch Acedemy for Dancing, he is always inspired to play music in a way that can be well danced on. "Rhythms exist to be danced on and to have fun!".

Also, Maarten mastered the CD "Let The Four Winds Blow" by the Martijn Schok Boogie & Blues Band created the graphic design.


Hans Ruigrok (bass, Holland)

After finishing his study at the Conservatory Music School in 1986, Hans Ruigrok (1955) toured for seven years in Europe with the Glenn Miller Orchestra of Wil Salden.

He played with, amongst many others, with PB and the Nighttrain, Max Teawhistle, Big Jay McNeely, Georgie Fame, Johnny Meijer, Bolle Jan Froger and many others.

Is musical preferences are Jazz, Boogie Woogie, Blues and Soul. And enjoys the real Amsterdam Harmonica Music very much too.

Also, he runs and owns the Amsterdam based Jazz Café 't Geveltje.


Stephan Jankowski (guitar, Holland) -English text published soon-

Stephan studeerde gitaar aan het GIT in Los Angeles, kwam daarna naar Hilversum waar hij het conservatorium volgde. Hij was gedurende 10 jaar elektrisch gitarist in Upside Down, de begeleidingsband van saxofoniste Rosa King waarmee hij de halve wereld rondtoerde.

Hij werkte verder met: Georgie Fame, Hans Dulfer, Hans Zilver, Fronk, Arthur Umbgrove, Rick de Vito, P.B. & The Nighttrain, Sofie & Sofour, Skymasters, Hot Bolshevik, Double Brown, Sister Sledge, Jack Clement, the Watchman, All The King’s Roses, Aggieland en vele anderen.

Daarnaast is Stephan actief als producer en runt hij zijn eigen NOPO opnamestudio te Amsterdam.


Het Internationale Boogie Woogie Festival
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